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Consulting Services: Marketing & Sales

When broken-down into its most basic elements, quite often business and/or marketing consulting consists of a once-per-week get together whereby the consultant tells the client; what is wrong, what needs to be done differently, provides a certain level of accountability & tracking, “slaps the clients hand if/as needed – then sets up the next appointment for the following week.

For some, this method seems to work – however – most others need something more than a “hand-hold”. That’s why we go the extra mile by offering “implementation & performance-based” services - to make our business and marketing consulting just that much better.

When offering consulting services to our clients our approach is to establish immediate implementation of powerful business, marketing & sales strategies.

In order to provide the best possible value to our members – our consulting service is founded in the following (4) basic, governing principles.

Open Door - Unlimited Consulting Approach
Our open-door approach to consulting provides our client members with immediate and daily personal contact if/as needed for their business needs.

Scheduled Appointments
For some of our clients it is effective to hold specific, scheduled consultative appointments along with our open-door approach to consulting. For scheduled appointments, agenda is carefully determined before-hand and any/all key players are invited to join the consultative environment.

Communication Tools
Client communication with our company is as good as it gets. Communication occurs via; telephone, email, fax, mail and in some cases in person.

Our most powerful communicative feature however is the provision of our client members to access our own proprietary web-based communication system. This system allows the client to be “in touch” with our services 24/7/365 – and provides a way to monitor the ongoing developments and implementations of chosen marketing strategies in real-time.

Rather than tell you what to do and expect you to do it – our unique approach to consulting is to actually implement for you all that we can from our side in order to free you to run the productive, profit-generating side of your business as opposed to being tied up in the intricate details of the marketing-side.

We have found that our Implementation-Based consultative approach to marketing is highly efficacious – saving our members’ time, money and effort from self-implementation.

When it comes to measuring Product, Service and/or Information (PSI) Value, there are many who will charge you more – and there are many who will charge you less (or even provide some services free), but for the comprehensive suite of products and services we provide, no one will offer comparable value and quality for less.