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Drip Marketing Systems

A Drip Marketing System (DMS) is comprised of a series of predetermined, preformatted marketing elements that are used to generate new leads and then convert those leads to new business.

A DMS may employ any combination, and any number of marketing elements that are best designed to achieve a desired result. Marketing elements used in developing a DMS could be a series of emails, letters, phone calls, etc, - or a strategically mixed combination of several of these elements.

A DMS is then implemented over a specific period of time, using different material; content, headline, offer, etc., in order to achieve the best possible result.

The strategic purpose of using a DMS is directly related to the historically proven facts that:

  1. People don’t normally make a buying/purchasing decision based upon only one impression.
  2. People who don’t, or won’t purchase now – will have a better likelihood of purchasing over a period of time.

Drip Marketing Systems are used for generating new leads and then converting those leads via a passive marketing system over a period of several (to many) automated conversion processes.

When marketing any Product, Service or Information (PSI), it is always important to have one or more Drip Marketing Systems in constant employ. Having marketing systems constantly in play is precisely what we do for you.

When it comes to measuring Product, Service and/or Information (PSI) Value, there are many who will charge you more – and there are many who will charge you less (or even provide some services free), but for the comprehensive suite of products and services we provide, no one will offer comparable value and quality for less.